QR Code.jpg
QR Code.jpg

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are the latest innovative way to incorporate IT into education. Essentially they are a quick scannable barcode like image that, when scanned, take you to a specific digital destination.
They are used widely in advertising and you have probably seen them in the YOU magazine.

FYI: Scanning the QR code above will take you to the QR Generator website.

There are three steps to creating and using them:
1. Create/Source the content you want to link the code to and post it to an online site (a Wiki, blog or web content).
2. Create a QR code for the content by copying the web address and pasting it on to a site that will generate a code e.g. http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or http://www.qrstuff.com
3. Print/copy the QR code image and have a student scan it using a FREE app like Quick Scan.

Here is a fabulous Info-graphic by the Daring Librarian which explains the process of generating QR codes:

There are some incredblbe ways in which QR codes can be incorporated into teaching.
Visit the ScoopIt site below for examples and ideas from scavenger hunts to QR code enabled worksheets:
QR Codes in K-12