Effective Teachers

Harry Wong recently did a phenomenal two-day workshop on effective teaching.

Picture source: techers.net

Here are some links to a few of the online publications and sites he made reference to and which will inspire your teaching practices.

Practical Examples that Work including "Your Effectiveness Checklist" - Karen Whitney
A woman who turned a school around in four years. Her discipline referrals went from 526 to 54 in those four years.

PowerPoint Procedures
A PowerPoint of classroom management procedures.

Creating a Culture of Consistensy
How a principal (Karen Whitney) created a culture of conistensy in her school.
Includes links to:
A First Day Script
Karen's Classroom Procedures Observation Rubric, and her
PowerPoint presentation that she gives to teachers at the beginning of each new year.

A Disability is not a Handicap
Mrs. Merlyna Valentine - St. Rose Elementary School

The Highest Rated School in New York City
How the level of trust for the professionalism of teachers to determine curriculum, teach the kids, and solve their own problems lead to a successfully run school.

A Plan for Success
Teachers are the difference.
Includes a link to a PowerPoint presentation of her classroom management plan.

"I Believe in YOU!" Poem
A beautiful first day poem to read to your students.
Ms. Melissa Dunbar-Crisp's website.

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