What Is Cyberbullying?
  • "Cyberbullying is an electronic form of communication that uses cyber-technology or digital media to hurt, threaten, embarrass, annoy, blackmail or otherwise target another minor."

  • REALITY CHECK: One survey found that while 93 percent of parents feel they have a good idea of what their kids are doing on the Internet; 41 percent of our kids say they don’t share with us what they do or where they go online."

  • "REALITY CHECK: Another student found that while 30% of youths admit to having been cyberbullied, only slightly higher than 10% of their parents reported that they knew. The study also suggested that parents of younger teens — those who believe their child is smarter than others online, or who are not able to monitor their teen’s internet use — are more likely to be unaware that their child has been cyberbullied."


The following are great cyberbullying resources:

Tips for teachers:

Cyberbullying Research Centre
"This website for parents, educators, counselors, and law enforcement provides information on the ways adolescents use and misuse technology, resources on case law focusing on free speech issues, and guidelines for preventing and responding to cyberbullying incidents."

"Montgomery County's cybercivility website includes Superintendent Joshua Starr's letter to the community, information on the cybercivility task force's work, and safety tips."

South African Law on Cyberbullying

Anti-bullying website

Apps to prevent/protect against cyberbullying

Blogs on Cyberbullying:

Dr Michele Borba - 11 Signs of Cyberbullying