Create Speaking Avatars and use them as an effective learning tool.
  • Motivate students to participate
  • Improve message comprehension
  • Introduce technology in a fun way
  • Utilize Voki as an effective language tool

Animation and Avatars

Animation/Avatars can be a wonderful way for students to engage with each other and the teacher, as well as for teachers to communicate with their students.

Language teachers have very cleverly incorporated animation in many ways such as:
  • dictations
  • speeches
  • evaluating students pronunciation and vocabulary
  • teaching new vocabulary

Voki is one option and it has free as well as student/school options. Click here

Visit the Lesson plan database for ideas using Vokis.
Getting started with Voki.

It is very easy to use and the code can be embedded into a site such as a Wiki or blog. Just copy the widget code and insert it under widget "embed code". Detailed instructions and guidelines can be found on the Voki site.

There are a few other animation options but I have found Voki to be the most content safe version with very little/if any annoying advertisement popups.

I had learners create Vokis for their favourite character/s from the novel we had read, and then the learners in the class had to guess who they were.

Foreign language teachers have successfully used avatars to have learners demonstrate their understanding of new vocabulary. I have also seen them being used to dictate text for an oral dictation.

Play and have fun!